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Desert Empire Homes participates in public private partnership, in order to provide maximum utility to our customers. Through our combined efforts, we have successfully created new, high quality, low income housing for more than 550 families.


Our sales staff works closely with clients, and our installation and landscaping teams pay attention to the details, in order to provide the best possible experience for our clients. Our goal is for you to be saying "there is no place like home" by the end of the process.

About Us


Desert Empire Homes is a California company based in the city of Thermal. Specializing in the sale, Installation, and landscaping of mobile homes in the Coachella Valley. 

The company was founded by Bobby Melkesian, a general contractor, in 1998. He saw that there was a lack of up to code, quality, low income housing in the eastern Coachella Valley, and decided to open a trailer park to meet this dire need. Since then, Desert Empire Homes has been the "go to" source for affordable housing in the eastern Coachella Valley. 

Mission Statement


Desert Empire Homes works to satisfy our customers needs by offering excellent service and competitive prices. From beginning to end, we assure our sales staff will work tirelessly to fulfill your specific requests.


Vision Statement


The vision of Desert Empire Homes is to be the leading provider of affordable housing in the Coachella Valley. We work to provide quality, affordable housing, in order to improve the srtandard of living for low income families, and we intend to continue doing so

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